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Channel Management

Improvement programme summary

Our Channel Management improvement programme is focused on making it easier for trading parties and other stakeholders to engage with MOSL and access our market services.

This work builds on our long-term Channel Management Strategy and Approach and the progress being made in 2020/21 which will see us deliver a new, more intuitive website.

Its delivery is phased across all three years of our business plan and includes:

Streamlined communication channels - making it easier for trading parties and others to access our services.
Centralised query management service - with clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for delivery to improve the consistency and clarity of when and how we respond
Integration of a knowledge hub tool - improving how we collect and use market intelligence as well as how we track and manage stakeholder communications
Development of a ‘single front door’ - including full integration with market systems and applications, such as the central market operating system (CMOS) and the Bilaterals solution, which is being developed in parallel.
How trading parties and customers will benefit

The programme is a key component in delivering our Service Excellence strategic priority, by making it simpler and easier to access our services.

By reducing the complexity and indirect cost of engaging with MOSL, trading parties will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time delivering value added services to customers.

These improvements will be created by a programme that:

Adopts a consistent and reliable approach to managing communications channels
Builds confidence in MOSL’s abilities to operate the market effectively and offer value-added services beyond our core role as market operator
Improves the interactions with MOSL, both digitally and in person, with a team who have a greater understanding of trading parties and the customers they serve.

Channel Management will also support efficiencies across a number of other areas of our plan, including the Bilateral Transactions Programme and enhanced change delivery process (a commitment in our 2020/21 Business Plan).

How the workstream builds on our current 2020/21 Business Plan 

We developed our Channel Management Strategy and Approach in 2019/20, undertaking a review of our current website and the user experience. During 2020/21 we have begun work to redesign our website, working with internal stakeholders to assess the current processes and services, including their associated costs, to build up a comprehensive set of user requirements.

We have engaged with our members and key external stakeholders and are on track to deliver the first phase of our new website in March 2021. This will make it easier for trading parties to access services and information more easily and intuitively.

Our Channel Management programme builds on this foundation, with the new website supporting the delivery of the next phases of work including a MOSL-wide query handling service, digitisation of forms, such as raising a change, and moving towards optimised ‘self-serve’ capabilities for trading parties. We are ensuring that the new website is ‘future-proofed’ to suitably enable these next steps.

Delivery for 2021/22 – milestones and outcomes
Query Management Tool
Completion of an integrated query management tool across MOSL
Enables a more service desk and case management-based approach - making it simpler for trading parties to access the services and information they need
Digitisation of forms and processes
Review of current processes and offline forms across MOSL  - simplification and/or digitisation of prioritised processes
Reduced MOSL running costs and trading party indirect costs of interacting with MOSL
Integration with MOSL systems
Integrate the newly developed website with market systems, including but not limited to, CMOS and the Medium Volume Interface (MVI)
Enables a more service desk and case management-based approach - making it simpler for trading parties to access the services and information they need

Three-year delivery plan

The Channel Management Programme will be delivered in phases across the three years, aligned with delivery of our wider Technology Roadmap and programmes such as the Bilateral Transactions Programme.

In years two and three of our plan, we will aim to fully integrate the Bilaterals solution with the website, move towards real-time ‘self-serve' reporting and introduce a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to support MOSL’s market intelligence capabilities and enable us to better understand and respond to market and wider sector challenges.

Our high-level three-year plan is set out below:

Current year
Year one
Year two
Year three
Redesign of current website design
Integration with MOSL systems (including enhanced change service)

Digitisation of forms/processes i.e. disputes

Query management
Integration with Bilaterals ‘single sign on’

‘Self-serve' reporting

Knowledge hub/market intelligence (CRM)
Full integration – reduced running costs
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