Business Plan

financial summary

Financial overview

Our business plan for 2021-2024 aims to deliver high quality, reliable and consistent core services alongside a longer-term plan that drives the market forward and unlocks value for customers through a number of improvement programmes.

It is a highly cost-conscious plan - recognising the challenging economic environment – with a focus on reducing cost to serve and delivering a well prioritised, phased programme of improvements that will drive benefits and add value.  

Our plan has been developed in two parts:

Core service delivery – 2021/22 – our detailed budget and plan to support the delivery of ‘business as usual’ core services, in line with both our code obligations and wider member expectations.

Improvement programme – three-year plan to 2023/24 – our longer-term delivery roadmap that sets out how we will advance the market through our strategic priorities.

Taken together, these provide our members with clarity on:

Year one (2021/22) - Proposed total cost budget and service delivery plan (core services and improvement programmes), together with related proposed Market Operator (MO) charges. This part of our business plan will be subject to member approval at the General Meeting on 25 February 2021.
Years two and three (2022/23 and 2023/24) – Proposed longer-term improvement programme, including scope of work, benefits and cost. Providing a clear line of sight (and cost trajectory) of our integrated programme whilst retaining flexibility to respond to changing priorities and the economic climate, as our three year plan rolls forward each year. This element of our plan is indicative – the phasing of the plan reflects feedback we received from our members through the consultation, but we will not be seeking formal approval for activities outlined in years two and three at the General Meeting.
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